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hmmm... describing myself has always been quite hard for me... others have said something along the lines of "intimdiating and quiet but nice once you get to talk to her" & that rings true i suppose, at least in real life. i think i am more approachable online! i am often in my own world but i am quite friendly & am just here to have a good time ^_^ chronic daydreamer and terminal airhead. when i'm free, i usually spend most of my day on some form of electronic device either in my bed or at my desk, or out & about doing only god knows what

hobby wise, i'm an average gal; i like to draw, game, read vns, watch anime, listen to music, collect shit & dress up, among some others... in specifics i collect anime figures & dolls as well as perfume & gaming consoles, and i could probably count my closet a collection as well considering how much shit i have in it. i am a fashion connoisseur! i'm not sure what else to include here for now... so continue scrolling!

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my name is
i am...
android, angel, autistic, beautiful, boy lover, boy-kisser, brunette, cat lover, creature, cute, diva, drama queen, dudette, esoteric, everything, fabulous, fangirl, female, femme-liking, fetishist, friend, fujoshi, furry, girlfag, glittery, introvert, kitty, little sister, miss, pervert, princess, she-bitch, sparkly, virgin, weird, wife
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feel free to add me on psn (pukepill) i play on ps4, ps3 & vita

3ds friendcode: 4184-9104-8267

random about questions i found online

— name: alice
— gender: female
— age: 19 (2004)
— birthday: 12/22
— zodiac sign: capricorn
— nationality: american
— mbti: xstp
— enneagram: 7w8

— height: 5'1
— hair color: light brown
— hair length: lower back
— eye color: dark brown
— piercings? double lobe
— tattoos? none
— want any? tattoos no, piercings maybe more ear ones. i've wanted collar&hip bone dermals for a bit but 'tis only a fantasy
— glasses/contacts? not needed but i sometimes wear glasses, cuz fashion ya'know...
— go to outfit? tank top, skirt, jacket or coat overlayer, thigh highs & platform shoes

— food: fries
— drink: vanilla milkshake
— color: pink
— number: 2
— day of the week: saturday
— video game: metalgearsolid 2 & bloodborne tied
— anime: hidamari sketch
— musician: goreshit
— music genres: j-core, speedcore, mashcore, lolicore, dancecore, happy hardcore, gabber, hardtek (anything fast & loud) as well as shibuya-kei & j-pop
— song: always changing
— brand: liz lisa (tralala & liz lisa doll mostly)
— animal: cat, chinchilla
— hobby: drawing
— weather type: sunny while raining

this or that?
— backpack or purse? depends on outfit
— cat or dog? cat
— playstation or xbox? playstation
— pants or skirts? skirts
— gold or silver? silver
— pepsi or coca cola? pepsi
— summer or winter? winter
— waffle or pancake? waffle
— coffee or tea? coffee
— earbuds or headphones? earbuds

do you...
— sleep with a stuffed animal? yes a lot of them...
— sing in the shower? sometimes, if a song is stuck in my head
— wear colorful socks? no usually just black or white
— carry a purse/bag? yes, both
— if so, what's in it? wallet, tissues, lotion, perfume, travel size care-kit, house key
— have a tv in your room? yup
— watch sports? not interested
— believe in god? not really
— do you have a credit card? i don't trust myself with one

— name 4 things laying around you: my cat, my ipad, randoseru, blanket
— what is the largest amount of money you've ever had in your possesion at one time? around 5k
— how do you usually wear your hair? down or with one small sidetail
— what was the last thing you bought online? mlfaw t-shirt
— do you have a distinct smell? philosophy amazing grace perfume
— what is the best feeling in the world? when your package arrives
— ever broken a bone? never
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