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my frequently asked questions ♪

art related:

what program do you use?

♡ ibispaint X

what do you draw with?

♡ ipad (10th generation) & apple pencil

what brushes do you use?

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what inspired your art style?

♡ growing up an anime fan & wanting to draw in the prominent style at the time; it seems my tastes have stayed the same

how long have you been drawing?

♡ since i could hold a pencil really... i've fallen in and out of love with the hobby throughout the years, but i have got more into it ever since i started posting my work to instagram. so i guess i started getting serious about it around late 2019

can i reference your art?

♡ go ahead, please show me when you've finished! the only thing i ask you not to do is heavily reference or straight up steal my character designs. i can absolutely tell when you have & others can as well; just make me fanart at that point. speaking of...

can i draw your OC(s)?

♡ omfg please do... no need to even ask, i would love to see what you come up with. feel free to post & plz tag me, no limitations. have fun & be free!

can i use your art as my icon/header/etc?

♡ yup. credit would be appreciated somewhere on your page especially if you know i made it, but it's not entirely necessary

can i use your art as a song cover?

♡ yuppers. credit somewhere in the description is ideal still... better be a good song too

can i use your art for something physical?

♡ like to hang on your wall, put in your phone case or binder & so on... please go ahead! as long as you're not trying to sell prints of it or anything feel free

can you do a tutorial on ___?

♡ it really depends on what you're asking for. there is a higher chance of me giving one if i know you or if it's something simple to show. dm if curious but know that i can't reveal every trade secret...


to be added?

♡ yes. to be added...